Fashion Equipped specialises in consultancy and mentoring for those who want to plan, launch and grow a Fashion Business.

Ranging from those with and those without fashion industry experience, we work with fashion start-ups to emerging designers and established businesses at all stages of their development. Many of these clients are working towards launching their own label, online boutique, wholesale business, retail store or a combined model.

Our commitment is to support, advise, guide and ensure you are not alone in what can be an overwhelming but extremely rewarding journey.
We will share industry knowledge gained over years of experience, provide a high level of professional business support, and connect you with credible networks and valuable resources.

So where do we begin?

  • Business Consultancy

    Business Consultancy

    We spend 2.5 hours one-on-one with you fully focused on you and your business goals.

    This consultation is tailored to your specific needs. We will take a top-level view of your business objectives, product, price, customer, competitors, sourcing strategy, sales and distribution plan, as well as your marketing and financial needs.

    We will provide you with industry-specific advice and feedback throughout the entire consultation process.

    We will then equip you with an all-important strategic action plan, allowing you to take your business to the next level.

    If you are based in Melbourne, this consultation is held in our offices in South Yarra. International and interstate clients have the option to consult via video conference.


  • 30-Minute Discovery Calls

    30-Minute Discovery Calls

    Are you confused about how to get started and what you will need to plan, launch or grow your fashion business? Do you have an idea but you’re just not sure how to bring it to life?

    A 30-minute strategy call can be invaluable and give you direction on “What’s next?”

    During this call, Elizabeth will discuss where you right now, where you want to be in business and how Fashion Equipped can help you to achieve your Fashion Business goals.


  • Consultancy and Mentoring Ongoing Packages

    Consultancy and Mentoring Ongoing Packages

    Following your first business development consultation, you will be armed with your strategic action plan and provided with any recommendations for ongoing fashion business consultancy.

    The development phase of any new business can be extremely overwhelming so Fashion Equipped offers you the ultimate back end support, with industry professionals there to guide, advise, inform and support you.

    Your consultancy package will be exclusively tailored to your current skills, experience and your stage of business.

    Consultancy clients have access to specialised Fashion Equipped consultants that include the following areas:

    • Business strategy
    • Strategic planning
    • Brand development
    • Product development
    • Sourcing – local and offshore manufacturers
    • Inventory planning and buying
    • Website development
    • Creative direction
    • Styling and photography
    • Sales strategy
    • Marketing and PR
    • Resource procurement

    The level of support we offer in your start-up phase of your business is invaluable. Your business will accelerate faster than ever possible with the support of the Fashion Equipped Team.


  • Specialised Consultancy

    Specialised Consultancy

    Find out more about these areas of specialised consultancy:

    • Product development
    • Sourcing strategy
    • Sales strategy
    • Marketing consultancy



Specialised Consultancy

  • Product Development

    Product Development

    Fashion Equipped specialises in Product Development and Range Planning. Our expertise will equip you with advice and guidance that will enable you to bring your ideas and product concepts to life.  This is a collaborative process that ensures that you maintain direction of the creative process while we work along side you to achieve your vision.

    Consultancy includes:

    • Market and Trend Research
    • Design and Development
    • Fabric Selections
    • Colour Selections
    • Range Planning and Assortment
    • Tech Packs/Specifications
    • Calendars and Timelines
    • Process Implementation



  • Sourcing strategy

    Sourcing strategy

    Sourcing is one of those areas in the fashion business that can be the most challenging. The supply chain choices you make will be the cornerstone of your fashion business. Fashion Equipped has a vast amount of experience and specialises in sourcing strategy solutions. We can help you to identify the sourcing model and manufacturer most suited to your fashion business by using our industry knowledge and established networks.

    Consultancy includes:

    • Locating a manufacturer
    • Developing your sourcing criteria
    • Local versus offshore analysis
    • Choosing the right model for your business
    • Target cost analysis
    • Inventory planning
    • Navigating minimum order quantities
    • Supplier negotiations
    • Guidance on production management



  • Sales Strategy

    Sales Strategy

    It’s hard to know where you should be putting your time and money when it comes to making those all important sales – e commerce or brick and mortar? What about wholesale – or a combination of all three? Fashion Equipped will guide you through your initial sales planning, forecasting and margin analysis, while helping you to identify who and where your customers are, before working closely with you to set up your sales strategy and keep your customer base growing steadily.

    Consultancy includes:

    • Market Research
    • Sales and distribution planning
    • Wholesale sales strategy
    • Sales techniques
    • Range planning
    • Trading term agreements
    • Selling online
    • Direct sales events and pop ups



  • Marketing Consultancy

    Marketing Consultancy

    Marketing is a key element of the fashion business that business owners often find very challenging – there are so many options and platforms out there to promote your business, it can be difficult – often overwhelming – to choose where to direct your energies and budget. Fashion Equipped’s marketing solutions cater for small and start up businesses and are able to help you to strategise and implement the best path to build brand awareness and grow your sales.

    Consultancy includes:

    • Top level marketing strategy
    • Brand building
    • Social media strategies
    • Influencer outreach
    • Advertising campaigns
    • Coaching on self-managed marketing and PR strategies



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