The Fashion Advocate and Fashion Equipped have partnered to deliver Social Media Success Coaching, an integrated mentoring plan that will equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in the fashion industry.

We’ve specifically designed our Social Media Success Coaching for fashion brands, to address the complex nature of the industry with tailored solutions to suit your individual brand and to cement your position as a market leader.

“Eight out of ten people use social media.
Are you reaching them?”

Our Social Media Success Coaching has been exclusively designed for fashion businesses. We understand your existing workload so we’re flexible with our delivery plan, and you’ll have the option to complete each of the six sessions either weekly or bi-weekly.

If you’re based in Melbourne, our first session is delivered face to face at Fashion Equipped HQ in Melbourne. If you’re located outside of Melbourne, we’re more than happy to coach via video conference call. Sessions two to six can be delivered face to face at Fashion Equipped HQ in Melbourne, or via video conference call.

Who is Social Media Success Coaching for?

If you’re an emerging brand, setting up your social media accounts should be at the top of your list alongside range planning. Just because you don’t have a collection yet, doesn’t mean you can’t start building a digital brand presence.

If you’re entering into the fashion industry as a new brand, Social Media Success Coaching will equip you with the knowledge and skills to use social media from the get-go, giving you the advantage in a competitive market.

If you’re an existing fashion brand with industry experience, your social media profiles have the power to amplify your sales and increase your brand awareness.

“Social Media has the power to inspire,
engage and connect the world”

Millions of active social media users are in the palm of your hand, but occasionally posting to Facebook doesn’t mean you’re reaching them. Social Media Success Coaching will help you analyse your current marketing approach and retarget your social media strategy to drive sales.

Meet your Coach

Hi, I’m Claire Goldsworthy, Founder and Editor of The Fashion Advocate.

I’ve worked in the fashion industry for over a decade, from designing and manufacturing, to marketing and retail, and after owning my own label, I know what works and what doesn’t.

I know how hard it is to launch and sustain a fashion label in a competitive industry, and I’m here to coach you through the complexities of social media. My own social media following of 30k fans is proof that quality content and a consistent aesthetic are key to a strong brand message. With the skills and knowledge I’ve learnt as one of Australia’s top influencers, I’ll help you master your own digital brand presence and utilise social media to generate sales.


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