Fashion Equipped helped me get to where I am today – working with Elizabeth has given me the upper hand. I have been able to transform my small handmade business into a fully manufactured label and my orders have increased tenfold. Everyone comments on how great the quality of my clothing is! Elizabeth connected me with the right people, gave me advice in all areas of fashion: design, production, pricing (both retail and wholesale), as well as things like trademarking my brand. I still touch base with her years later for guidance – she is a really lovely person and is really efficient and organised – I love that! I would recommend the mentoring program to anyone who needs help and advice with their Fashion Business.

Andrea Goulding
KaPow Kids

I had so many positive experiences with Fashion Equipped! Elizabeth empowered me with skills and advice to be able to step out from working in my business to working on my business. Without her guidance I wouldn’t understand the nuts and bolts of business in relation to the fashion industry. She helped me to sort out our finances, gave meaning to the numbers and located a factory with the manufacturing and logistical requirements that fit with our needs enabling us to scale. Fashion Equipped’s valuable networks introduced me to the right people to help me develop my technical skills and assist in product development. Working with Fashion Equipped is the best investment you will make in to your business!

Shae Brown

Finally, there is someone to help me that actually understands my industry and all the challenges I face (and knows how to address them)! The Fashion Equipped team is focused, organised, knowledgeable, and beyond passionate about the business of fashion. They are committed to the enterprise of helping people in the fashion industry achieve success.

For me, they have helped me to clarify my goals and given me the tools with which to achieve them. They have just the right mix of nuts and bolts advice, creative thinking, and encouragement and enthusiasm. I really feel that Fashion Equipped is not just consulting to me but that we are on the same team – we are all working towards the same ends.

Julie Goodwin
Julie Goodwin Couture

With Fashion Equipped, we were able to work closely with different specialists in the team, giving us the knowledge we needed to source, manufacture and brand our business. The team helped a lot with our early problem solving. Working with Fashion Equipped has given us a massive insight into fashion and the entire business behind fashion. Our collection is now very strong and our branding is sharp and consistent. We have a great supplier (the most important part of your business) and we have a lifeline at any second of the day with a network of people that are there to help with any area of your business that is lacking.


There are a lot of businesses in the market that will promise you the world but fail to deliver. We had tried several options with considerable investment and little success. The Fashion Equipped team has never stopped helping us explore the right options for our business model, always being realistic and honest with the options available for us. In the two plus years we have worked with them, we have taken our first collection to market – this would never have happened without the team at Fashion Equipped.

Foxtrot Horsewear

For me, fashion is connected with art, but in the end it is a business. Not every designer is particularly good at business! Fashion Equipped can assist you to build up the knowledge and skills to run your own independent label. Having worked closely with Fashion Equipped, now when I develop a new collection range, I understand what the price range should be the costs involved. I have started to understand what marketing and sales strategies might work for the business, which in turn help me manage the budget of these activities. Fashion Equipped will facilitate and assist to develop your own understanding and confidence about how to run your own fashion business.

Vincent Li

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