Fashion Equipped’s Founder, Elizabeth Formosa, was recently interviewed by the fashion industry bible, Ragtrader, and it’s no wonder why. With more than two decades of experience and a community of fashion designers who proudly call her their mentor, Elizabeth understands the challenges and hurdles that start-ups and new businesses face. 

Elizabeth is eager to show the next generation of designers and brands just how vital a business strategy is, so she’s channelled 20 years’ experience into a three-month online course to equip start-ups with the skills they need to launch, grow and scale their fashion businesses.

Elizabeth Formosa shares Fashion Equipped’s industry knowledge with Ragtrader

More than 60% of small businesses cease trading within the first three years of operation, and it’s a hard statistic to swallow considering small businesses are the backbone of the Australian economy. Many fashion brands launch without first researching the market, investing in a branding strategy or having an understanding of financial commitments, and without these foundations, it’s not long before the business starts to fall apart.

Elizabeth is confident she’s changing these statistics though, and through Fashion Equipped’s ‘Start Your Fashion Business’ online programme, she’s ensuring fashion businesses have the skills, knowledge and strategies they need to succeed.

Coming up with a business idea is one thing, but implementing a growth strategy is another, and it’s what the ‘Start Your Fashion Business’ online programme offers – the skills and strategies to scale, compete, survive and succeed in the fashion industry.

“I realised the industry was filled with small business owners and graduates transitioning from their design courses to industry, but so many just didn’t have any tangible experience running a business, and the information out there for time-poor business owners was lacking, confusing and often not relevant to their business model.

I’ve spent more than 20 years in the industry, working with a wide range of brands and I am very aware of the failure rate of small fashion businesses. 

I wanted to create something that would reduce the failure rate in fashion and provide people with the right foundation and knowledge, so they can launch themselves into our industry without fear, and our ‘Start Your Fashion Business’ online programme is that solution.”

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