You’d have to be living under a rock if you don’t know who Lisa Messenger is by now! You’d know her for sure – the vibrant, game-changing founder and CEO of Collective Hub. She’s also an international speaker, best-selling author and, an authority on disruption. Ring a bell?

However, Lisa’s “overnight success” didn’t happen overnight…more like 11 years. But what’s she’s accomplished since becoming a success has been truly inspiring. Whether you’re starting your own business or simply want to spice things up in your already-established business, Lisa’s golden nuggets of wisdom are relevant to any stage of your journey.

“I’ve failed a lot over the years, so just keep trying as there is no success without failure” – Lisa Messenger

Now, let’s recap some of Lisa’s achievements before we dive in to the nitty gritty!

Within 18 months of Collective Hub starting in March 2013, the magazine was available in 37 counties and published 54 issues over 5 years. Not only that, but some of those covers graced stars like Sarah Jessica Parker, Ryan Gosling and Sir Richard Branson – did we mention he’s a friend of Lisa’s?

She also casually had an email from the one and only Anna Wintour asking to meet her in New York. If only, right?

Now, back to those golden nuggets. Lisa knows a thing or two about making a business work and she had some pretty great insights that we know we’ll be applying to our businesses from now on!

Lisa’s top tips:

  • Be intimate with your data and numbers. Understand how to read your data and identify if you’re getting a return on your investments.
  • Fully understand all your costs of doing business.
  • Don’t grow too fast.
  • When things aren’t working, know when to stop and recalibrate, review, reassess and then rebuild.
  • Eat the frog and do the hard things first!
  • Know when to end something to make space for new beginnings.
  • Being honest and authentic with your community is key. Share your story.

“I spent 11 years over-servicing under-charging and being everything for everyone else” – Lisa Messenger

Now, achieving success in your business won’t come by twiddling your thumbs. You want to take action steps to ensure you’re setting yourself up for success. The key? Plan, plan, plan!

How Lisa makes it work:

  • At the beginning of each month, list 10 ‘top level’ priorities.
  • Know your strengths and then outsource the rest to experts in each key area.
  • Support systems & structures are so important.
  • One mentor can’t know it all, so have various mentors that specialise in key areas from business to personal, and don’t forget spirituality mentors!
  • Podcasts are also such an amazing free learning resource – take advantage of them.

“If you believe in yourself and harness the tools, the mindset and you

really want to do something, then truly anything is possible. I think the

synchronicity in the serendipity and what you know unravels” – Lisa Messenger

To listen to the full chat with Lisa Messenger from Collective Hub head to Fashion.Business.Mindset. The podcast is available now on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Deezer and Google Play!