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There’s a long list of things to consider when starting your own fashion label. Not only do you want to make a name for yourself among your industry peers (read our previous blog post for more), but you also need to put your best foot forward and introduce yourself to potential new customers. That’s where content marketing comes in.

Content marketing is the creation of relevant, consistent content targeted towards a clearly defined customer base. This content can range from blog posts (such as this one!) to videos and social media activity. The key to effective content marketing is ensuring your content is relevant to your target audience and appeals to their interests.

Below are 3 steps to create a killer content marketing plan for your fashion business:

1) Give your brand a distinctive persona and tone of voice

You’d be surprised how many brands lack consistency when it comes to this! Having a consistent presence can help build trust and familiarity with your fans. To develop a persona for your brand, ask yourself, ‘What does my brand stand for?’ It could be your label’s quirkiness and sense of fun, being environmentally conscious, or maybe the fact you’re locally designed and made.

To determine your brand’s tone of voice, ask whether you want customers to see you as an authority figure, or perhaps more of a peer. Write down a few key personality traits you’d like to associate with your brand, and keep this in mind when you’re creating content. Consistency is key!

 2) Research competitor activity and fashion marketing trends

Now your brand has a distinctive personality and tone of voice, it’s time to start researching your competitors’ activity. Do they have a blog or Youtube channel? What does their Instagram feed look and feel like? What topics or imagery do these channels cover and which posts receive the most interest? Take note of what you like and what you think could be improved, and apply this to your own content plan. Research fashion industry trends around content marketing, and use this as inspiration to create content that’s relevant, original and current.

3) Create a consistent content plan with clear objectives

Your content marketing plan doesn’t need to be complicated (a Google Sheet or Excel doc is all you need). Develop some key objectives for your plan – such as brand awareness or objectives with a call-to-action (CTA). Try to set realistic publishing goals for the content, stay consistent with your activity and rotate your objectives. You don’t want to sound like a broken record with the same CTA on every post!

Remember – always think of your target audience first when developing content. What kind of content do they want/need? If you’re unsure, don’t be afraid to ask! Tools like SurveyMonkey and social media are great ways to receive feedback from customers and tailor your content to be fresh and attention-worthy!

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