Social media can be simultaneously the most exciting, and the most challenging platform for fashion business owners. Sometimes it’s easy to feel motivated, inspired and able to post content regularly, but it can also be hard to keep up the momentum (not to mention coming up with ideas for posts!).

But when it comes to social media, consistency is the key. Having a clear strategy in place to develop consistent and engaging content will make your life easier and keep your fans engaged.

Here are our top 4 tips for managing your business’ social media accounts:


You don’t have to post multiple times per day to get the most out of your social media channels, but posting regularly and consistently is the key to building momentum and rapport with your followers.

Agree to an achievable number of posts you want to create and share, and make sure you change it up when it comes to content so your feed has an interesting mix of posts and subject matters!

To ensure you’re being creative and diverse with your content, identify the key themes you’d like to cover each month.

Your post themes could be:
– Product highlights (Showcasing your beautiful range)
– News and activity (Announcing up and coming events or milestones)
– Sharing content that inspires you (If re-sharing, ALWAYS include a credit to the image owner)
– Behind the scenes (Add a personal touch with something from your day-to-day business life!)

Next, build a basic content calendar in Excel or Google Sheets and add in your themes for the month and ideas around imagery and products you could feature. Write some basic captions and add in scheduling times (try to spread content across the week).

There you have it! We just made a very basic monthly content schedule, Now it’s your turn!


Fashion business owners are no strangers to creativity and developing a signature look. A good social feed will consist of gorgeous stand-alone content, as well as an overall aesthetic where all posts will complement each other on your profile (think of your feed as a seasonal collection where everything should be different but also work in unison).

An example of this is introducing common colour accents, or maintaining similar styling across your posts. You want followers to visit your profile and know what your brand is all about – which means having a strong, consistent aesthetic that’s on-brand and instantly communicates your businesses’ personality!

Try using design tools such as Sketch, Canva or Adobe Photoshop to edit your images. If you’re adding text, be consistent with fonts and make sure your posts have a signature ‘look’, even if it’s just keeping the brightness or saturation consistent.

If you need help with creative, you can always work with a graphic designer and/or photographer to develop your visual content in advance. Ask our SYFB team for more info!


When using platforms like Instagram, you need to add the right tags so new followers can find you by searching relevant terms. The first step to choosing a good hashtag is thinking ‘If I were a customer looking for a brand like mine, what would I search for?’

As a smaller business, it’s good to make use of more specific hashtags rather than over-used ones. For example, ‘#Fashion’ will have millions of tags, but ‘#MelbourneFashion’ or ‘#MelbourneStartup’ are more specific and will be more likely to attract local customers who may be looking for a label just like yours.


Once you have your captions, graphics and hashtags ready, it’s time to schedule!

Facebook allows for scheduling posts ahead of time in the Publishing Tools tab, but Instagram unfortunately doesn’t have this feature. However, you can use apps like Later to schedule your Instagram content ahead of time (they let you schedule up to 30 posts per month on a free account).

Hot tip: For perfectly spaced Insta captions, use this little tool to format line breaks so your hashtags sit below your caption copy. Beautiful!

These are just a few simple ways you can start improving your social media today. However, we’ve only scratched the surface!

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