Meet your Consultant & Mentor

I am so glad you’re here!
I have so much to share with you and I can’t wait to get started.

Elizabeth Formosa is helping you start a fashion business and build a thriving fashion business

Hi, I’m Elizabeth, founder & boss lady BEHIND fashion equipped.

I know how hard it is to start, run and grow a business from my own experience, and I know how many times I just wanted to give up.

The pressure, the crazy hours – and at times the tears – can all be overwhelming, but so worth it! My passion now is to support and empower our clients and give them the benefit of our long-term industry experience to improve their outcome. It’s incredibly satisfying to watch our clients gain confidence, experience and make their dreams become reality!

I will be your guide and mentor throughout the Online Programme, hosting and facilitating scheduled group-coaching calls with you and a group of like-minded entrepreneurs that want to make THE FASHION BUSINESS, their business.


I have worked in corporate and privately owned companies, and have owned and run my own wholesale fashion business. I have played a big game at a fast pace with intensity, holding successful roles in buying, sourcing, product development, brand building, sales, marketing, strategic planning, training and team management.  Phew!

I’m now so excited to have the opportunity to share my 20+ years of experience in the Fashion Industry with YOU!

You will get to know me very well through the video mentoring and speak to me directly in our group coaching calls!  I will also be managing our Private Facebook Group, exclusive to our Online Students, along with giving you access to my awesome team who are experts in their fields and have lots of Fashion Industry Insights to share with you too!

More about Elizabeth

With extensive experience in various areas of the apparel and fashion industries, and a love of all aspects of the business, Elizabeth Formosa is committed to sharing her knowledge acquired over a long-term career.

Elizabeth has worked in various environments, from corporate to privately owned companies, and has owned and run her own wholesale business. With successful senior roles in buying, product management and exceptional skills in sales, sourcing, product development, brand building, marketing, strategic planning and team management, diversity is the key to her extensive knowledge.

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