As a mother herself, Nicole Jago struggled to find a clothing solution for the problems of breastfeeding. She needed fashion that was ethical, easy, and specifically designed for post-pregnancy, and when she realised there was a gap in the market, she decided to design her own.

As most mothers know, breastfeeding is not always easy. When you’re juggling a new born, preventing the dreaded ‘slip’, and trying to stay calm, feeding in public is no easy feat, especially when buttons and zips are involved. This is the problem Nicole has set out to solve.

She’s still in the planning phase of her start-up, but Nicole is already making serious ground. She’s been building a strong business foundation with the help of Fashion Equipped, and she’s quickly learnt how valuable a support network can be. She’s passionate about building a community of mothers to help them find their tribes, and she’s doing it through fashion.

What struggles have you faced launching a business by yourself?
Without a fashion background or industry connections, it seemed impossible to even start planning. I had no one to bounce ideas off or to vent my frustrations. I’m also a mum to some very busy boys and it often felt so overwhelming, there was so much to do, so much to figure out, all on my own.

Nicole Jago knows that a support network is key for business success - Fashion Equipped business insight blog

How did you find Fashion Equipped?
Through Google! I had come across another company that offered education for fashion businesses, but I didn’t get the right feel from them and I didn’t think they understood my particular business model or my plans. After a bit more searching, I found Fashion Equipped. Instantly I felt like we would be a good fit, and that was confirmed when I spoke to Elizabeth on the phone. After the first phone call, I was so excited! I was really grateful to have found the course.

Why did you decide to begin the Start Your Fashion Business programme?
I’ve had the idea for so long, and even long before this idea was another idea which at the time I had tried to get information from manufacturers and suppliers and kept hitting brick walls, I eventually gave up. This time I was determined that this was the right time in my life to start this business, but I knew I needed help, and help from someone within the industry that could de-mystify it for me and help make the industry connections that I needed but were so elusive. After talking to Elizabeth, it was clear the course and working with Fashion Equipped was everything I had been looking for.

What have the coaching calls given you?
I love the coaching calls that are offered through the SYFB programme! They motivate me to keep moving forward and stay focused on the course. They also help with inspiration from others who are more advanced in their businesses, everyone shares their ideas, their experience and of course their passion. Joining in on the coaching calls is very uplifting!

Nicole Jago knows that a support network is key for business success - Fashion Equipped business insight blog

What didn’t you understand before, that you do now after working with Fashion Equipped?
Planning is so important, as well as investing in getting things right the first time. There were many things that I had planned to let ‘develop organically’ as my business grew, but I am grateful for the education I received as I now know it makes more sense to start the way you intend to go on. I am confident that I’ll be launching with a strong foundation and with Fashion Equipped’s help, I’ve got so much ‘right’ the first time instead of making expensive start-up mistakes.

What’s your top tip for launching a fashion business?
Get the right information and educate yourself; learn as much as you can from people that have done it before, and plan! Follow a framework, formulate your ideas and get it down on paper, even if you think it is irrelevant or too early. You will find as you continue on planning that you’ll have that foundation in the back of your mind and your planning will come together in a more cohesive manner – you will end up with a more consistent brand and product. Planning is key!

Stay tuned as we follow Nicole’s journey, and learn more about our Start Your Fashion Business online programme here!