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You are now one step closer to starting and growing a successful fashion business.

The course that teaches you the entire process and gives you the skills, tools and resources to succeed in your fashion business.

Planning, launching and scaling a fashion business is exciting and dynamic, but it can also be confusing and overwhelming – but it doesn’t have to be.

You have just found a mentor and community that will guide you through the process, support you and equip you with the confidence, skills and industry know-how to plan, launch and grow your own fashion business.

Our online programme is accessible and flexible, so you can learn anytime, anywhere, at your own pace and the best part, you won’t feel alone.

Start your fashion business

Your 3D learning experience

Over ten modules, you’ll learn everything from getting started to launch!
We’ll teach you what you need to know about starting, running and growing a fashion business. No matter what stage of business you’re in now, whether you have a brand name or not, whether you’re already selling your products or have only just noted a few ideas down on paper – our programme will guide you through the process to make sure your business foundations are in place and you’re prepared to run the best business you possibly can.

Video Mentoring

You’ll be guided by Elizabeth through 50+ video tutorials offering industry insider information and knowledge, with clear and actionable steps to accelerate your business progress. Our mentoring videos are easy to understand and delivered systematically to help you establish your business foundations from the bottom up. Working through every area from sourcing to selling, Elizabeth will show you how to build your business from strength to strength.

Live Coaching Calls

You’ll receive live video group coaching calls with Elizabeth, monthly, to answer any questions you have about the programme or your progress. Our group coaching calls offer support and motivation from our community of established and start-up businesses, and include guest appearances from industry professionals to provide direct connections and valuable insider knowledge. Our group coaching calls are a great way to connect to like-minded entrepreneurs and stay motivated with practical advice and real-life examples to inspire you, help you through the programme, and show you how to implement what you’ve learned.

Action Plans

You will be provided with industry-specific tools, templates and action plans for each lesson to organise your business and develop a strategic plan with steps that you can easily implement yourself. We’ll send you market research frameworks, branding blueprints, product costing sheets, sales and inventory plans, marketing plans, technical specification templates, range plans and briefing guidelines, checklists and more.

Facebook Community

You’ll join our alumni of start-ups and established businesses in our exclusive SYFB Facebook community, giving you access to valuable advice from previous and current members.
Our private Facebook group offers open and honest support from peers, weekly business tips and coaching advice. It’s a genuinely helpful network of business owners who support each other, collaborate, and share their experiences – and you’ll have lifetime access too.

Bonus Content

Along with content including action plans, tools, templates, and valuable video guided mentoring access to the Start Your Fashion Business programme you will also receive…
Benefits from our industry partners in key areas of the fashion business including legal, industry data, and e-commerce. Gain access to Q&A interviews and special coaching calls guests when we invite industry professionals to share their insider knowledge such as WGSN, successful Brands, Designers, Retailers and Wholesalers.

There are many challenges in building or growing a fashion business.

We get it.

How do I find a manufacturer?

How do I develop my business plan?

How much money will I need?

How do I price my products?

How much inventory do I need?

Do I need to trademark my brand name?

What are my legal obligations as a business?

Where and how do I sell my products?

How do I use social media for business?

How much do I invest in marketing?

How can I scale my current business?

Made for fashion businesses looking to grow

Develop your understanding of business strategies, branding, product development, sourcing, sales, marketing and financing.

Planning, launching and scaling a fashion business can be consuming, confusing and expensive. Coming up with an idea is the easy part, but building a business involves a strategy, a plan, and great connections. We know how hard it is, and we have created this programme to help you build the business you’ve been dreaming about. The fashion industry is fast-paced and competitive, and getting started can be overwhelming – but it doesn’t have to be.

Our ‘Start Your Fashion Business’ online programme is here to guide you through the process and give you the confidence, skills and industry know-how to plan, launch and grow your own fashion business. With the right strategy, plan, and guidance from our programme, our community, and our support network, we’ll help turn your dream into a reality. We’ll teach you how to build a business and ensure you are equipped to succeed.

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This is what our clients have to say

“Fashion Equipped helped me get to where I am today, and working with Elizabeth has given me the upper hand. I have been able to transform my small handmade business into a fully manufactured label and my orders have increased tenfold. Elizabeth guided me through the whole process from design and production to retail and wholesale pricing, right down to the details like trademarking my brand.”

– Andrea Goulding, Kapow Kids.


Over ten modules you’ll access everything from getting started to launch!


Plan It

Ever wondered just how to get started? Well, this is it!
Module One, you’ll have a very clear and structured plan for your business in place. This will give you clear direction and the ideal foundation from which to continue your business development for the rest of the programme.


Fund It

Learn to love the numbers as much as you do the creative! Module Two will help you be equipped with step by step guidance on how to calculate your startup costs, how to build a sales and inventory plan, how to plan cash flow, how to calculate profit and product cost considerations both local and offshore.


Brand It

Build a Brand, NOT just a product! This is KEY to any Fashion Business success! You will have an insight into what makes a good, consistent Brand, and how to build one. You’ll also be versed on best practice for protecting your intellectual and creative property (IP) and will have insights and ideas into how to make your Brand stand out.


Develop It

Module Four, Bring your Product to life through industry best practice!
Developing your ideas into tangible products is one of the most challenging steps involved in starting a fashion business. We’ll also be giving you some key tools with which to ensure you don’t miss any crucial steps in the product development process.


Price It

Product pricing will have a DIRECT effect on the success of your Fashion Business! Get a good understanding of the numbers involved in all aspects of your product, from initial costings to final retail. You’ll also be provided with valuable frameworks to establish your strategy and modelling different scenarios.


Source It

Sourcing and manufacture is a HIGHLY complex process and can be an absolute minefield for those without experience!
Learn how to establish a STRONG supply chain right from the very beginning! You’ll gain key insights that will bring your awareness to typical sourcing challenges and equip you with solutions and strategies required to succeed.

“Before starting the course, the fashion industry seemed inaccessible and competitive, but now I feel confident and armed with the right plans to succeed.”

– Nicole Jago.

Learn skills, for all stages of business

  • Apply skills learnt if you are

    • Launching their label (across any fashion category).
    • Launching an online store.
    • At the concept stage and bringing an idea to life.
    • Already trading and wanting to scale.
    • Wanting to develop new products.
    • Wanting to source locally or offshore.
    • Building a brand from the ground up.
    • Wanting to learn how and where to sell their products.
    • Wanting to wholesale their range.
    • Wanting to learn how to market their brand.
    • Wanting transparency to start-up and operational cost.
    • Wanting to learn about the Fashion Business process from concept, to customer.

  • Who is this programme for

    • Those who want insider access to the knowledge, tools and networks required to plan, launch and grow a fashion business.
    • Fashion start ups at the beginning of their journey.
    • Fashion start ups that are in the early years of establishing their business and need help to grow or scale.
    • Creative entrepreneurs who need help navigating the dynamics of the fashion business.
    • Independent and small brands or labels looking to expand their fashion business knowledge, skills and build their networks.
    • Those who have studied fashion and now want to apply that to starting their own fashion business.
    • Those without fashion industry experience, but with a great business idea that need help getting started.
    • Those who are time poor or still working that day job and want information to their lap top fast so they can learn how plan, launch and grow a fashion business.
    • Those needing the support of a network of industry professionals ready to pass their long-term experience.

Over 20 years experience across all areas of fashion business

Meet your mentor

I know how hard it is to start, run and grow a business from my own experience, and I know how many times I just wanted to give up.

The pressure, the crazy hours – and at times the tears – can all be overwhelming, but so worth it! My passion now is to support and empower other businesses and share what I’ve learned from more than 20 years working in the fashion industry. I want you to benefit from my long-term industry experience and improve your business outcome. It’s incredibly satisfying to watch our community gain confidence, build their experience and make their dreams become a reality!

I will be your guide and mentor throughout the Online Programme, and I’ll personally host your group coaching calls, to support your learning experience and connect you with a group of like-minded entrepreneurs. I’ve worked in both corporate and privately owned companies, and I’ve owned and operated my own wholesale fashion business. I have played a big game at a fast pace with intensity, holding successful roles in buying, sourcing, product development, brand building, sales, marketing, strategic planning, training and team management. Phew!

Now, I’m excited to share my experience in the fashion industry with you, and teach you what I’ve learned. You’ll get to know me very well through the mentoring modules, and we’ll get to talk directly in our group coaching calls. I’ll also be managing our Private Facebook Group, which is exclusively available to our online students, and I’ll give you access to my awesome team of experts.

I’ll be here to support you, to guide you, to teach you, to help you, to empower you and to motivate you, and I can’t wait to learn more about your business and watch it grow.

– Let’s make the fashion business your business!

Frequently asked questions

  • I'm an established business and already selling my brand but I could be selling more. Will this course help me?

    Yes! Even if you’ve been operating for years and have an existing business model in place, we’ll analyse your current model and ensure you’re operating at maximum potential. We’ll equip you with creative tools and strategic plans to increase your sales, broaden your industry connections and increase your business performance.

  • I’m just starting out and don’t even have a business name. At what stage of my business should I start this course?

    Fashion Equipped’s Start Your Fashion Business online programme is designed for businesses of all stages, from start-ups to established brands. You don’t need a name, you don’t even need a concrete idea; if you’re starting out and want to establish strong foundations and define your direction, this course will guide you through the entire process and empower with confidence and industry knowledge to succeed. We’ll walk you through the step by step process with easy to follow modules, video mentoring and action plans.

  • I know what I want to design and manufacture, but I don’t know how to action my ideas or source suppliers. Will this course help me?

    Yes! We’ve created entire modules around design, manufacture and sourcing, and we have dedicated consultants to help guide you through the process. We have a valuable network of product designers, graphic designers, manufactures and suppliers that can help turn your concepts into a tangible business.

  • I'm not great with numbers. Will this course teach me to how to make a profit?

    Yes! Making a profit and ensuring financial stability is crucial, and no business can survive without it. Even if you’re not mathematically-minded, our workbooks and action plans will help you develop a pricing strategy to ensure profitably. You’ll be given sales plan templates, wholesale and retail pricing plans, and all the calculating, forecasting and cash flow plans you’ll need to understand the costs involved with running a fashion business – and grow successfully.

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