Co-working spaces are booming in cities all over Australia, and they’re fast becoming known as the perfect environment for start-ups and small businesses to launch and grow. But how do you know when it’s time to make the shift from the home office to the hot desk? We caught up with Melbourne co-working space and home of Fashion Equipped, CreativeCubes.Co, to learn about the biggest benefits of co-working spaces for start-ups and creative businesses.

1) A perfect networking opportunity
The CreativeCubes.Co offices are currently home to businesses and start-ups from 42 different industries. Being surrounded by other start-ups and small businesses will mean you’re engaging with people who have been through similar situations and will understand your passion and entrepreneurial drive more than anyone. 

CreativeCubes.Co make an effort to encourage collaboration between members, which includes hosting monthly events with guest speakers and thought leaders to educate, engage and inspire members to keep elevating their own businesses further. These events are great networking opportunities to meet businesses in similar disciplines to you, as well as those who may be a bit of left of field (but may come in handy later down the track!). You never know who you’re going to meet in co-working spaces, which is exciting and great for those who love regularly meeting new people.

“It’s one thing to offer a great product or service, but it’s another if your business is based out of an amazing environment that mirrors your values, energy and creativity”

– Tobi Skovron, CEO, CreativeCubes.Co

CreativeCubes.Co Offices

2) Maintaining the work/life balance
One of the common things we hear from fashion business owners is how different the reality of working from home has been, compared to their expectations. When many people think of working from home, it’s easy to imagine a clear desk with a shiny laptop, endless tea, radiant natural light and peace and quiet for full concentration (are we right?!).

However, for many the reality is more challenging than this ideal scene. Distractions such as housework, demanding babies/fur babies, accidental naps (or even just never getting out of your pyjamas!) can quickly take hold. Your air con could break down on that 42 degree day where you have a million things to get done, and your neighbour could choose to blast their favourite death metal track right when you begin that ultra-important call with a client (eek!). Before you know it, the line between ‘home life’ and ‘work life’ is blurred, and that perfectly peaceful home office you’d imagined is feeling more like a comedy of errors than a hustle!

This is where co-working spaces can come in handy – physically removing you from the distractions and round-the-clock commitments from home, providing you with professional facilities such as boardrooms and quiet offices, and giving you the perfect environment to feel creative and focused. CreativeCubes.Co also boasts a gym, cafe and regular health-focused activities like yoga that encourage a work/life balance and the opportunity to recharge.

CreativeCubes.Co Offices

3) Feeling part of a community
It’s no surprise that many CreativeCubes.Co members end up doing business together, and being in a co-working space instantly has a more community-driven feel than a traditional office.

Working from home can be a very isolating and lonely experience, so co-working is a chance for many business owners to build friendships and exchange advice with fellow entrepreneurs and business owners. Being part of a community of like-minded people, and being surrounded by peers who know your business and can offer support is empowering and motivating for many business owners.

So whether you have the feeling you’re outgrowing your home office, or you’re simply thinking about the future and the options available, we encourage you to check out your local co-working space and introduce yourself! Many clubs offer free trials and casual day passes for professionals to test out the space without having to commit to long periods of time. There’s no harm in trying something new, and who knows, you never know who you’ll meet!

If you’re located in the Melbourne region and are interested in finding out more about CreativeCubes.Co in Richmond or Hawthorn, visit their website or give them a call on 1300 228 237.