It’s go-go-go at Fashion Equipped HQ, and we’re determined to see the year through with a BANG! That’s why we have some very exciting news to share around our SYFB Programme, which is set to see 2019 as our best year yet!

Our SYFB Programme just got EVEN BETTER and now includes access to the world’s leading trend authority platform, WGSN!

Now we know that last sentence will have some readers with tears of joy running down their face, saying ‘WHERE DO I SIGN?!’

But if you’re currently reading this being like ‘WG-what?’ then let us share a bit about what WGSN is, what is does for the GLOBAL fashion industry, and what it could mean for you to have access to this groundbreaking software during your enrolment as a Premium SYFB student. Read on!

What is WGSN?

WGSN is the world’s leading trend forecasting and analytics platform, and is a vital ‘tool of the trade’ for leading global fashion brands. It’s designed to identify and respond to upcoming fashion trends and styles, 2 and 5 years ahead across Consumer, Retail, Apparel, Furnishing, Homeware, Lifestyle and more.

It’s basically like a stylish crystal ball that shows you what’s next and how YOUR fashion business can respond and react to these trends. Pretty cool right?

“We define what’s next so you can make smarter decisions today” – WGSN

Founded in 1998 in London, WGSN has established itself as the essential tool for fashion brands to access a library of inspiration and resources to keep their products fresh, up-to-date and most importantly of all, ahead of the curve.

How Does WGSN Work?

WGSN boasts over 74,000 active users across 6,500 business globally. Employing over 250 trend forecasters and data scientists, WGSN couples qualitative research with quantitative insights and custom advisory services.

It allows you to view information around competitors and similar brands, get inspired with over 22 million images and royalty-free CADS, and access a wide range of templates and tools to help you run an efficient fashion business.

The platform is sleek, streamlined and the ultimate destination for inspiration and innovation. WGSN may have recently celebrated their 20th birthday, but they’re certainly not slowing down!

Used by the biggest brands across the globe, from high-end labels to niche brands and fast fashion, WGSN has traditionally been a ‘large player’s game’, and it has been difficult for emerging fashion businesses to gain access. Until now!

WGSN, Partnered With Fashion Equipped

Elizabeth Formosa, the founder of Fashion Equipped, is passionate about sharing the most hands-on and relevant information with emerging fashion brands to set them up for success.

As an industry veteran who has been working in the fashion industry for over 20 years (with her complexion, it’s difficult to believe!), Elizabeth knows how hard it’s been in the past for small fashion start-ups to compete with global labels backed by big budgets.

“We’ve worked very hard to make this happen because we believe in our students and we think they are worth it!” – Elizabeth Formosa

She strongly believes our students, the next generation of fashion brands and businesses, should have access to industry tools to increase their understanding and exposure to the wider industry and boost their chance for success. With all of this in mind, Fashion Equipped are thrilled to announce our partnership with WGSN to provide access to this fantastic service as part of the SYFB Premium enrolment package!

Want to know more?

This exclusive access is available through our SYFB Premium Membership enrolment (that’s an INVALUABLE industry ASSET included in our Premium SYFB programme fee of $2,295!)

Our Premium membership gives you immediate access to TWO leading industry assets, our ‘Start Your Fashion Business’ Programme and the world global style network WGSN. This will put YOU in prime position to be ahead of the curve and increase your chance to plan, launch and grow a successful fashion business.

SYFB is an online learning experience supported by 50+ Video tutorials, tools, templates action plans, mentoring via monthly LIVE group coaching calls and lifetime access to our private Facebook group where you will be supported by industry professionals and like-minded emerging businesses.

If you’re interested in our SYFB Programme, click here to learn more and download a comprehensive course guide.

To find out more about WGSN, visit their website here.