Frequently Asked Questions

    • How do I choose the right mentor?

      We’ve assembled a diverse line-up of industry insiders – each mentor with a unique set of skills, achievements and experience. 

      Read their bios, then consider your goals and where you are in your business lifecycle, to see where each mentor’s skills intersect with your needs. 

      Tip: Watch the Q&A videos for a more personal insight into who each mentor is, and how they can help you.

    • How do I know if I’m ready to work with a mentor?

      We recommend you spend time defining a vision and setting goals for your business before working with a mentor. This will help guide you as you consider which mentor best aligns with your needs.

      If you haven’t worked on your business goals yet, we have a great exercise to get you started from our ‘Start Your Fashion Business’ programme.

      Set aside some quality quiet time to give it your best shot. Enjoy!


      FREE Goal setting guide & Worksheet 

    • Is mentoring worth the investment?

      One word, three letters… YES!

      We’ve been providing mentorship for clients for eight years and have hundreds of success stories to tell.

      Mentorship is not just a coffee and a chat. Your professional mentor is invested in you – and perfectly positioned to boost the success of your business.

      You’re not just paying for an expert’s time. Your investing in: 

      • a deep well of knowledge and expertise cultivated over many years 
      • the benefit of their experience with entrepreneurship, by learning common startup mistakes and pitfalls to avoid
      • accelerating your success by making the right connections. 

      A mentor is as much a vital safety net in the early days, as they can be a long lasting partner as your business evolves and grows.

    • What happens after my first session with my mentor?

      After your first session you will receive a brief questionnaire via email to see how you enjoyed the experience.

      A few days later, you’ll be sent a customised recommendation based on your needs.  This may include a suggestion to book another 1 hour session OR to consider longer-term mentorship and/or to join our SYFB ‘Start Your Fashion Business programme & community if you’re not already a member.

    • What are the key benefits of working with a mentor?

      We think they are endless. But here are our top 10.

      1. Accelerate your progress and reduce overwhelm
      2. Feel supported, knowing you’re not alone
      3. Work with an industry professional with a highly specific skill set
      4. Present your ideas and gain valuable feedback
      5. Get clear guidance on actions, planning and strategies
      6. Be part of a team – your mentor is invested in you and your business
      7. Gain clarity, direction and confidence
      8. Be challenged and encouraged
      9. Develop creativity and problem solving skills
      10. Work more efficiently, with focus and structure

    • Anything else you’d like to know?

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