“As a sole trader I found myself continually in a state of overwhelm. The intention of my first mentoring session was to gain clarity and direction, which evolved into a deeper exploration and articulation of my vision. This was the turning point for my business. I absolutely love working with a mentor… particularly the higher state you evolve into post session. There have been times where I felt so confused entering the session and coming out of it profusely thanking my mentor and the universe for bringing me such insight and clarity. In today’s world you simply cannot arrive at the level of success that you desire without a mentor!”

Rose Panza, RosePanza.com

“Working with Mani was a joy. I love that she is always thinking of new ways to please the customers. Some of her suggestions were head slap moments of “wow, brilliant idea”. Our new range will be our best selling yet and I couldn’t have done that without Mani’s input. She has been so instrumental that we’ve named one of the handbags Manuela in her honour and I can tell you, she is a hotty, just like her! Mentoring is an investment in your brand. We spend so much time and money on creating new and exciting products, it is so important to get expert input.”

Suzanne Carroll, Cool Clutch

“My interaction with Elizabeth and Manuela has been a total gift. I’ve learned invaluable skills and built knowledge essential to the success of any fashion business. The combination of their industry experience, passion for fashion startups, generosity of spirit and beautiful attitude to both business and life, is a powerful force that is sorely needed in today’s world. The extensive networking has been amazing and I have made wonderful contacts. Without a business like Fashion Equipped, I don’t doubt I would’ve given up on the dream of owning and running my own label. Now, I am looking forward to a bright and successful future in the fashion industry.”

Kimelyn Macphail, Quillan

“With a background in nursing and midwifery, I had very little experience in the fashion industry – so I didn’t hesitate to work with a mentor. The mentors are highly committed, knowledgeable and passionate during all sessions, and always have my business in mind, often sending different pieces of relevant information and images for inspiration through to me which has been very much appreciated.”

Chantelle Fisher, Matchy Mumma

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