About YOU Questionnaire

To ensure the best learning experience for your business, it’s important that you tell us your story. This will ensure that we can gain an understanding of your business concept, status and goals.

Please complete the following form questionnaire.

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  • Contact Details

  • About You

  • Your Challenges

    What are the top three challenges you are currently facing?
  • Your Goals

    What are the top 3 business goals you would like to achieve as a priority?
  • Your Experience

  • Your Current Stage

  • Your Support Needs

  • Sales and Distribution Strategy

  • Your Sales and Distribution strategies could include some or all of the following:

    • Online sales strategy

    • Bricks and mortar sales strategy
    • Pop-up stores or short term lease
    • Wholesale sales strategy
    • International sales strategy
    • Amazon, Etsy or other
    • Made to Measure or custom orders
    • Agent or distributor
  • Sales History/Financials

  • To gauge the financial position and growth objectives of your business please provide:
  • If you are trading, provide any sales results to date. If you have multiple sales channels (as noted above) please provide sales data for each channel. If you are not yet trading, but have financial targets planned, please provide an overview. 

  • This can include a summary or your profit and loss statement or comments about your current profit margin results.
  • Marketing

  • Please ensure you highlight any key campaign results.
  • Resources

  • These may be internal or outsourced staff, consultants or service providers.
  • Your Outcome

  • Please note, should you miss a coaching calls, they will recorded and placed in the backend of the learning programme for your access.

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