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SYFB was the best decision we’ve made to kickstart our brand. We were instantly struck by Elizabeth’s passion, and amazed at the depth of information that was offered in the course, from guidance around the earliest stages of starting a business, to launching and beyond. The Coaching Calls, Facebook group and Lives are invaluable for connecting with people on the same journey as us. We’ve been well and truly pushed out of our comfort zone – growing as a brand, and personally. We are launching in 2020 and we wouldn’t be in this position without Elizabeth and the Fashion Equipped team.

– Ilana and Marika, Lanamara

Finding Fashion Equipped was the missing link I needed. Not having a background in apparel but the drive to get my business off the ground, Fashion Equipped, between their one on one consulting and their online SYFB programme helped me fill in the gaps and got my start up moving. The industry knowledge, links and examples in their online programme is great for all levels and makes you look further into your business. Thank you Elizabeth, we are extremely grateful to you and your team.

– Danielle Sady, Everyday Lingerie Co

Fashion Equipped helped me get to where I am today, and working with Elizabeth has given me the upper hand. I have been able to transform my small handmade business into a fully manufactured label and my orders have increased tenfold. Elizabeth guided me through the whole process from design and production to retail and wholesale pricing, right down to the details like trademarking my brand.

– Andrea Goulding, KaPow Kids

I loved having a headstrong and inspirational mentor who could tell it to me as it is, and make sure I was set up for achievable success with direction and purpose. I needed someone to be in the ring with me, in particular advising on my books and financials. I would absolutely recommend working with a mentor – all day, every day.

– Lisa Leverington, HAJA Studio, Lady of Leisure Millinery

Being in the SYFB community – feeling connected, participating and giving back – is a wonderful part of the journey which strengthens the tapestry of learning, knowledge and growth. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to launch and grow a fashion business. It truly is a priceless investment.

– Naomi Swalwell, House of Lacuna

“We enrolled in the Start your Fashion Business online course because we wanted to improve our understanding of the fashion industry. The course has provided the knowledge and frameworks we needed to improve and prepare our fashion business for expansion.

“One thing I like about the course is Elizabeth and the Fashion Equipped team have taken the time to understand our business and always provide quick answers to our questions. It’s like we are being individually mentored by people who are genuinely caring and passionate about helping fashion businesses succeed. The course experience is very interactive with invaluable information being shared in the private Facebook Group. The coaching calls are awesome as they enable all course participants to interact with each other.

“We would recommend the Start your Fashion Business online course to people who are thinking of have already started a fashion business but have limited fashion industry experience as it will save you thousands of dollars in costly rookie mistakes…”

– Toby and Jo Demmler, Red Dust Active

“This course motivates me week after week to do better and to be better at what I’m trying to achieve in the fashion industry. It has equipped me with all the right tools to help reach success, step by step. I would highly recommend this course to anyone starting their own fashion label.”

– Fiona Lindau, Millesime Baby

Your Mentor Collective

We wanted to work with a mentor to speed the business up and get to our end goal faster. There were parts of the business we needed to work on and we were unsure on how to take the next step forward.
For MR CUFF having a mentor helped us with processes, our pricing and marketing strategy and giving us the confidence that we were on the right track. Having Elizabeth helped us to focus on what needed our attention and putting our energy into areas that delivered a measurable outcome.
We would definitely recommend a mentor. We found it helped us work faster towards our goals. It helped us also set targets to speed things up. We found the advice really helped flesh things out and Elizabeth was fantastic and really understood our business needs

– Jarrad Cuff and Michael Andersen, Mr Cuff

We immediately felt at ease and in safe hands. We came away from our session with so much more clarity and confidence! We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend working with the mentors at Fashion Equipped. If you can’t focus on exactly what you need at different stages, meeting with mentors can save weeks of research and indecisiveness.

– Marika Gazzard & Ilana Adam, Lanamara

My interaction with Elizabeth and Manuela has been a total gift. I’ve learned invaluable skills and built knowledge essential to the success of any fashion business. The combination of their industry experience, passion for fashion startups, generosity of spirit and beautiful attitude to both business and life, is a powerful force that is sorely needed in today’s world. The extensive networking has been amazing and I have made wonderful contacts. Without a business like Fashion Equipped, I don’t doubt I would’ve given up on the dream of owning and running my own label. Now, I am looking forward to a bright and successful future in the fashion industry.

– Kimelyn Macphail, Quillan

Working with Mani was a joy. I love that she is always thinking of new ways to please the customers. Some of her suggestions were head slap moments of “wow, brilliant idea”. Our new range will be our best selling yet and I couldn’t have done that without Mani’s input. She has been so instrumental that we’ve named one of the handbags Manuela in her honour and I can tell you, she is a hotty, just like her! Mentoring is an investment in your brand. We spend so much time and money on creating new and exciting products, it is so important to get expert input.

– Suzanne Carroll, Cool Clutch

As a sole trader I found myself continually in a state of overwhelm. The intention of my first mentoring session was to gain clarity and direction, which evolved into a deeper exploration and articulation of my vision. This was the turning point for my business. I absolutely love working with a mentor… particularly the higher state you evolve into post session. There have been times where I felt so confused entering the session and coming out of it profusely thanking my mentor and the universe for bringing me such insight and clarity. In today’s world you simply cannot arrive at the level of success that you desire without a mentor!

– Rose Panza, Rose Panza

We were at a point with our brand where we didn’t know how to take it to the next level. And even though we’d been in business many years before working with Elizabeth, we learnt so much and felt so inspired and motivated. Mentoring gives you clear and unbiased ideas about how to make your business the best it can be, encouraging you to think outside the box.

– Amanda and Jasmine, Lulu and Milly

I loved having a headstrong and inspirational mentor who could tell it to me as it is, and make sure I was set up for achievable success with direction and purpose.
I needed someone to be in the ring with me, in particular advising on my books and financials. I would absolutely recommend working with a mentor – all day, every day.

– Lisa Leverington, Haja Studio

With a background in nursing and midwifery, I had very little experience in the fashion industry – so I didn’t hesitate to work with a mentor. The mentors are highly committed, knowledgeable and passionate during all sessions, and always have my business in mind, often sending different pieces of relevant information and images for inspiration through to me which has been very much appreciated.

– Chantelle Fisher, @matchymummathelabel


When we decided to work with Fashion Equipped, our biggest challenges were in the financial part of the business. Having not previously owned a business, we were caught on the hamster wheel of just getting things done, rather than strategically looking at the best way to do things. Elizabeth helped us to evaluate the business as a whole. We loved her no-nonsense approach, she is not afraid of asking the tough questions. She held us accountable! Being a micro business we often get bogged down in the working “in the business” and our sessions gave us a deadline to take time out to work “on the business”. By analysing and implementing strategies in bite size chunks, it made it seem not so daunting a task, and much more achievable. Elizabeth will help you cut through the noise and put in place great foundation of skills to help your business grow.

– Kerry & Angelo, Harlow

“I approached Fashion Equipped recently to get some professional advice regarding my carry label. I was a bit apprehensive at first as the label doesn’t tick many of the fashion boxes. I was concerned that I would be misunderstood or judged.

I was most impressed from the first phone call because Elizabeth listened to my current position and had done some background research on the label prior to our first conversation. When I met Elizabeth for the consultation she immediately made me feel welcome. The meeting was extremely thorough covering almost every aspects of the business. I found great value in her opinion and guidance. Some of the issues I knew needed to be addressed, some weren’t even on the radar for me until we discussed them.

The thing I liked most was Elizabeths ability to understand the brand and take something that is slightly outside the box in terms of business structure and brand positioning then apply her knowledge directly to that in an effective manner. I left the consultation excited, motivated and with a clear direction for the brands future. I would highly recommend Fashion Equipped not just for those starting out but for businesses with some years behind them as well.”

– Jamie, Skin Grows Back

Fashion Equipped helped me get to where I am today – working with Elizabeth has given me the upper hand. I have been able to transform my small handmade business into a fully manufactured label and my orders have increased tenfold. Everyone comments on how great the quality of my clothing is! Elizabeth connected me with the right people, gave me advice in all areas of fashion: design, production, pricing (both retail and wholesale), as well as things like trademarking my brand. I still touch base with her years later for guidance – she is a really lovely person and is really efficient and organised – I love that! I would recommend the mentoring program to anyone who needs help and advice with their Fashion Business.

– Andrea Goulding, KaPow Kids

I had so many positive experiences with Fashion Equipped! Elizabeth empowered me with skills and advice to be able to step out from working in my business to working on my business. Without her guidance I wouldn’t understand the nuts and bolts of business in relation to the fashion industry. She helped me to sort out our finances, gave meaning to the numbers and located a factory with the manufacturing and logistical requirements that fit with our needs enabling us to scale. Fashion Equipped’s valuable networks introduced me to the right people to help me develop my technical skills and assist in product development. Working with Fashion Equipped is the best investment you will make in to your business!

– Shae Brown

Finally, there is someone to help me that actually understands my industry and all the challenges I face (and knows how to address them)! The Fashion Equipped team is focused, organised, knowledgeable, and beyond passionate about the business of fashion. They are committed to the enterprise of helping people in the fashion industry achieve success.

For me, they have helped me to clarify my goals and given me the tools with which to achieve them. They have just the right mix of nuts and bolts advice, creative thinking, and encouragement and enthusiasm. I really feel that Fashion Equipped is not just consulting to me but that we are on the same team – we are all working towards the same ends.

– Julie Goodwin, Julie Goodwin Couture

With Fashion Equipped, we were able to work closely with different specialists in the team, giving us the knowledge we needed to source, manufacture and brand our business. The team helped a lot with our early problem solving. Working with Fashion Equipped has given us a massive insight into fashion and the entire business behind fashion. Our collection is now very strong and our branding is sharp and consistent. We have a great supplier (the most important part of your business) and we have a lifeline at any second of the day with a network of people that are there to help with any area of your business that is lacking.

– E&A

There are a lot of businesses in the market that will promise you the world but fail to deliver. We had tried several options with considerable investment and little success. The Fashion Equipped team has never stopped helping us explore the right options for our business model, always being realistic and honest with the options available for us. In the two plus years we have worked with them, we have taken our first collection to market – this would never have happened without the team at Fashion Equipped.

– Foxtrot Horsewear, Foxtrot Horsewear

For me, fashion is connected with art, but in the end it is a business. Not every designer is particularly good at business! Fashion Equipped can assist you to build up the knowledge and skills to run your own independent label. Having worked closely with Fashion Equipped, now when I develop a new collection range, I understand what the price range should be the costs involved. I have started to understand what marketing and sales strategies might work for the business, which in turn help me manage the budget of these activities. Fashion Equipped will facilitate and assist to develop your own understanding and confidence about how to run your own fashion business.

– Vincent Li

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